“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
-John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy”

I thought I understood that line when I first heard it years ago. Now, as I prepare to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday with our family, I feel like I am beginning to comprehend the fleeting nature of time. The tighter we hold on to time, the more of it slips between our fingers like sand through an hourglass. It sounds cheesy, but it is all too true. It seems like just last week Liz and I were packing our hospital bags in preparation for welcoming this little bundle into the world… And now she is roaming all over the place and calls me Papa. I will continue to practice mindfulness in order to be fully present for her on a daily basis – for the benefit of all of us.


Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

When asked where he came up with the title for his book “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” author Paul Kidder provided the following response:

“The title comes from a Haitian proverb, which is usually translated as: “Beyond the mountains, more mountains.” According to [Paul] Farmer, a better translation is: “Beyond mountains there are mountains.” I first heard the proverb from Farmer, and I remember that he told me, ‘The Haitians, of course, use it in a zillion different ways.’ Sometimes it’s used to express the idea that opportunities are inexhaustible, and sometimes as a way of saying that when you surmount one great obstacle you merely gain a clear view of the next one.”



Sometimes life is so damn hard…

…but it’s worth the fight.

This line of work isn’t easy, but the successes make it worth the struggles.

This week has been one big struggle.

Time for the next challenge.

Here we go.

Peace in,

Coffee, pink shirt, and death threats…

The holidays are officially over. I had a great time getting to see my family. Liz returned to work today and I go back for CPR training tomorrow. For today, however, I am hanging out with the cats, cleaning up around the house, and just taking it easy. I always become introspective around Christmas and the start of the new year… I take the time to evaluate my life choices and what brought me to where I am – as well as where my life is heading. I think I’m happy with where I’m at. Not content, but happy. I’m at peace with my life and my plan – and I’m ready for deviations from my plans, as I know that the universe tends to create for me whether I’m ready or not. As John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Now to get back to relaxing. =)

Peace in,

Dave Filkins

Life is good…

Liz is being sweet.

Bella is being really cute.

Juju is being hilarious.

Work was less bad.

“Breaking Bad” is especially awesome.

Life is good.

Peace in!



Well, here we are… Leftover pizza and disc 2 of Dexter season 4.

I really love having a break from school.

And I love Dexter.

And my wife.

Peace in,

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Coffee, pink shirt, and death threats…

What a day! I experienced all of these things at some point during the course of my day today.

I wish I could have had more time to savor my delicious coffee this morning… but I was grateful for what coffee I was able to consume! =|

I got many compliments on my pink dress shirt at work today… =)

I really could have done without the death threats… =(

Fortunately, I got to work with two of my favorite co-workers – Preston and James. Somedays, they pull me through.

Perhaps it’s true what they say about soldiers in the trenches… you stop fighting for a cause or a country at some point and begin fighting for those at your side.

All in all – not a bad day.

That’s all. I’m really hungry.



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Hello world!


Welcome to my peaceful little corner of the web.

Feel free to check in from time to time to hear about my antics.

Peace in!